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Feeding Project

With the destruction from the current Earthquake, the many storms and the rising prices of food, the situation has become increasingly difficult for the people of Haiti. With all this we felt compelled to help those who suffer. With help from volunteers and Gracepoint Gospel Fellowship in New York we were able to prepare 82 bags of food. Each bag consisted of Rice, Beans and oil. Each bag could feed a family of 3 for an entire week! So with God's blessings 246 people will eat this week! We are also partnering with a group of young people in the States called Youth Aid Haiti who are making and selling bracelets to help feed the community. This all has been such a blessing to the families in need. The people given a ticket to receive a bag of food were chosen according to need. Each person with ticket in hand patiently awaited and were very thankful. We look forward to doing more of these feeding distributions!


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