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School has started!

School started today for the children at the Good Samaritan School on Ile a Vache. This is such a great blessing as the situation in Haiti is dire. Many other children in Haiti are unable to attend school. There is a gas shortage and people can not even go to the mainland for supplies as boats can not function without gas. Food prices have also increased dramatically causing further harm to families.

Our children are able to come to the school for a warm meal and to get educated in a safe loving environment. This is a great light in the midst of dark times in Haiti. This helps us all to remember that God is faithful in the midst of the storm. Thank you sponsors for making this happen. Sponsor updates with photos of your sponsor child will be coming in the mail shortly. Thank you for your patience. Below are photos of the children raising the flag and bowing their little head for prayer before school. Our wonderful teachers are standing with the students.

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