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Help us make the new school building a reality.  We have come a long way from a broken little school house, but we still have a ways to go.  Be a part of this new endeavor and make a lasting positive impact not only on a child's life, but also on a community.  We are undergoing a building fund campaign to give these beautiful kids a new school facility where they can truly grow and learn.  The school will be completely free to the students.  They will receive all school materials, uniforms, a warm meal, qualified teachers, parties and gifts.  This new building will have 10 classrooms and be able to accomodate 250 students!  The children will learn the basics but also an enriched curriculum featuring another language and practical skills that will help them in the country in which they live. 


The children will feel free to run and play in a safe environment.  They will have the pleasure of a newly constructed playground.  All things that are new to them.  They will be able to eat a warm meal daily in the new covered open air cafeteria.  They will have an indoor auditorium which will serve as a play area when it rains, an assembly hall as well as an indoor eating area.  This school is a huge stepping stone for a small fishing village where children walk hours in the sun to go to overcrowded schools which lack the proper facilities.  Many of the children can't afford to attend school.  This school is a much needed contribution to a community in need. 

Click on the brochure button below to read more about the plans for the new school.  See how you can be involved in this extraordinary addition to a small community.  Choose to be a part of this exciting time.  Help build a classroom and learn how you can leave a legacy for your loved ones. 

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