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Every night millions of children around the world go to sleep hungry.  They have no hope for their future and life seems bleak.  However, YOU can be that beacon of light in a child’s life by choosing to sponsor a child in Ile a Vache, Haiti.


Help make a big change in a young child’s life with your small change.  For only $30 USD per month which is about $1 USD per day, a young child in Haiti will receive an education and a warm meal daily.  Since our onset in 2006 almost  every penny has gone directly toward supporting the children in the program.  The children receive uniforms, books, school supplies, a warm meal, school parties and gifts free of charge.  Funds also go toward employing qualified Haitian teachers.  Less than 2% of funds have gone toward administrative purposes as all management is on a volunteer basis.


For your gift of $30 USD you will receive a photo of your sponsor child along with some information regarding your child.  Your sponsor child will periodically send you drawings and an updated photo yearly.  You may view the website for updates.  Above all, you will receive the satisfaction of knowing that you are making a great change in a child’s life who otherwise would be trapped in a vicious cycle of poverty.  Not only will this child now eat a warm nutritious meal daily at school, this child will obtain the skills to make a better tomorrow for himself and positively impact his community. 


Please look deep into yourself and sponsor a child from Ile a Vache, Haiti.  Start making a difference today!




We welcome companies that would like to sponsor.  Get your employees involved.  Organize a fundraiser or a benefit for the school.  Have your employees come down to volunteer to help build the school or help in other ways with the children.  Donate books, backpacks, gifts and supplies.  Contact us to see how your company can aid children in Haiti.


For SPONSORSHIP requests please write in the specific child information box above:


1. Your complete home address and contact phone number with area code

2. Choice of a boy, girl or no preference

3. Choose sponsor payment option i.e. monthly ($30 USD each month), quarterly ($90

    USD every 4  months) or full year ($360 USD) one time payment.

4. Number of children you wish to sponsor: ex: one child, two chidren, etc.


Your child's photo and profile will be sent to you once we receive your request and full information.  Thank you!   Please set up a paypal account through the donation button below.


Click "SUBSCRIBE" button below for $30 USD monthly recurring option.  For quarterly, full year, one time donations and other amounts please click the "DONATE"  button.  Thank you.

Your details were sent successfully!

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Come to Haiti and meet your sponsor child.  Volunteer to teach them a language or a skill.  Spend time showing you care by sharing any way you can.  The children just love to have you there!  Volunteer medical skills,  Dental skills or just draw with them.  Mission teams are welcome.  Help build the new school or do a VBS for the community.  Contact us and see how you can be a blessing to the children of the Rainbow Academy.


Donations of all types are welcome.  Donate your time, your financial resources, your skills, your love. Everyone has something special to give.  We encourage you to find out what that is and to reach out to these precious little ones.  We appreciate your contribution.  Contact us and we can help you better understand the needs of the children.

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