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All of our efforts to ameliorate the lives of the children of Hait have not only blessed them, but have blessed all who have reached out to these precious children.  We encourage you to look into yourself to see how you can contribute.

We need sponsors for these children so that the program can continue.  Sponsorship is a great way to build a relationship with a child in Haiti and let them know that someone truly cares.  You can send gifts for special occasions and write letters which will be translated for your sponsor child.

We need volunteers to come down to Haiti to physically be there with the children.  We need funds to subsidize teachers salaries and for daily operations.  The school is looking for volunteers to teach English and French.  We need medical teams, dental teams, musicians and crafts people.  Missionary teams are encouraged.  Builders and skilled laborers are also needed.  We need people who care for children to give of themselves in any way they can.  Please contact us so we can coordinate with you to see how you can be a blessing.


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Choose to sponsor a boy, girl or no preference.  All the children need your love.  Choose to sponsor more than one child.  It's all up to you the extent with which you can show your love.  Join us in our efforts and support us by making your mark in a child's life!

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