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2021 Earthquake

A terrible 7.2 Earthquake has struck Haiti once again wreaking havoc on many lives. Thank God all the children and teachers of the Good Samaritan School of Caille Coq on Ile a Vache, Haiti are ok. The school building was also spared. Many others were not so lucky as the people living on the mainland in the port city of Les Cayes suffered many casualties in terms of loss of life and structural damage. Grocery stores where our staff purchase food for the children were destroyed. This will create further harm to the families we serve. We are praying and trusting in God for the next steps as many who loss their homes are sleeping outside in fear of aftershocks. With storms still approaching, people are forced to be in the rain braving the elements as no other shelter is available. We continue to ask for prayers and any support you wish to give. Life has become extremely expensive for the families on the island and will become even more difficult with all these tragedies. God is good and can do all things so we pray for His mighty Hand of Mercy on these people and for positive change to come about. Please continue to remember these people, the students, the staff and all the families. Help us to continue to help others. Pray and give your support financially. We thank you for all your help and love.

All photos were taken off the internet to show the condition in Haiti.


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