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Praise Report

These past few years have been tough for us at the Good Samaritain school of Caille Coq. Giving had been very low and it was wearing on the program. I had been fervently praying for God to help us at the school. The children and staff had also been praying. I prayed specifically that He would touch people's hearts so they would be moved to help these amazing children who attend our school. With giving so low, we had to stop the feeding program a few years ago. It hurt my heart to see that these beautiful children had to go without their warm school meals.

Well, God is a God of miracles who answers Prayers! I went to visit a church in NY two weeks ago and gave an update about our school in Ile a Vache. A lady approached me after church and expressed her pain that the children went without food. She said she would look into helping. Within a week she was asking me where to send the check to restart the feeding program!!! Hallelujah! God is faithful. We look forward to restarting the feeding program for over 150 children early November! To the woman I speak of and the two companies who were so gracious, The children, staff and I send a great Thank you and May the Lord Bless all involved abundantly!!!

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