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Ile a Vache, Haiti in the eye of the Storm

Ile a Vache Is in the direct path of one of the most severe hurricanes in the past 10 years. There is great damage to the homes on the island and an estimated 80% of the homes have been destroyed. The village of Caille Coq where our school is located is under water. Many took shelter in the school building last night. As of now there have been no notices of lives lost. Ile a Vache is still in the midst of this strong storm. Waves are beating and the winds continue to cause damage. We are going to need help with the rebuilding of schools and homes. Please contact us and donate with to see how you can help. We have been doing ministry on this island for the past 11 years. We need to help get these beautiful people back on their feet. Missionary groups are welcome to see how you can help as well as all volunteers. Thank you. Please continue to keep us in your prayers.

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