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Help us make the new school project a reality!  We have come a long way from a broken little school house in 2006, yet we still have a way to go.  Be a part of this new endeavor and make a lasting, positive impact on a child's life and on a community.


We are undergoing a building fund campaign to give these beautiful kids a new school facility where they can truly grow and learn. This new building will have 10 classrooms and be able to accomodate 250 students!  The children will enjoy a covered open air cafeteria and a wonderful playground with slides and swings.

I'm sure you have heard it before, but it is true!  For mere pennies a day you can make a world of a difference in a child's life.  Help us help others and make a lasting imprint on a precious child's life.  Search your heart and see how you can bless a child today.  Donate your time, donate your resources, give of yourself!

Every night millions of children around the world go to sleep hungry.  They have no hope for their future and life seems bleak.  However, YOU can be that beacon of light in a child’s life by choosing to sponsor a child in Ile a Vache, Haiti.

We are a Christian based organization that encourages all to help those who suffer in this world.  We do not discriminate and encourage all to reach out in a humanitarian effort to alleviate the suffering of little ones in the world.​

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